Russian Federation

Kamov Design Bureau
8a Ulitsa 8 Marta
Lyubertsy, Moscow Region 140007

Kamov Design Bureau


Kamov Design Bureau specialises in designing rotorcraft and creating and testing prototypes. It possesses unique experience in developing both military and commercial coaxial helicopters.


At present, Kamov Design Bureau is developing the medium commercial multirole Ka-62, in close cooperation with European companies.


The bureau also designs coaxial military helicopters: the Ka-50 Black Shark was the first model in the series and acted as a platform for the new Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter, now being supplied to the Russian Air Force. Today the Ka-52 Alligator is being developed in a new naval modification – the ship-based Ka-52K.


Over its 75-year history, Kamov Design Bureau has established a school of research unparalleled in its innovation, one which boasts the scientific and technical capacity to build top-class helicopters of any aerodynamic design. The bureau is only developer of coaxial helicopters in the world today.  
In 2008, Kamov became part of Russian Helicopters.

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