Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd
1-14-5, Kaigan, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-8315

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd


The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group manufactures a vast array of products that demonstrate technological mastery of the land, sea, air and outer space. Its aerospace business offers various products ranging from aircraft to satellites, while the shipbuilding business provides LNG and LPG carriers, submarines and other vessels.



Japan's Shinkansen trains and New York City's subway cars are just two examples of its rolling stock business' famed global offerings, just as gas turbines and biomass power plants headline the energy plant and facilities business. The Group also supplies many products that demonstrate its expertise in engineering, such as industrial plants, environmental protection facilities, industrial equipment, construction machinery and steel structures. 


Kawasaki has played a major role in the development and manufacturing of various aircraft for Japan's Ministry of Defense, including the T-4 intermediate jet trainer now also used by the Blue Impulse team and the P-3C anti-submarine warfare patrol airplane. Currently, the company is also the prime contractor in domestic development of the MOD's next-generation XP-1 maritime patrol airplane and XC-2 transport aircraft.


The company also manufactures helicopters, including Japan's first domestically developed helicopter, the BK117, as well as other large- and small-size helicopters. The company not only manufactures the CH-47J/JA and OH-1 observation helicopter for the Japanese Ministry of Defense, but is also the licensed airframe and engine manufacturer for the MCH-101 minesweeping and transport helicopter and CH-101 Antarctic transport support helicopter.



Kawasaki has two shipyards, one at Kobe and another at Sakaide (Kagawa Prefecture). The backbone of ship development, construction, and maintenance at Kawasaki are high value-added ships, such as submarines and LNG/LPG carriers.



As Japan's leading manufacturer of railway cars, Kawasaki provides the world with a wide range of rolling stock, including Shinkansen, electric cars, passenger coaches, freight cars, locomotives, diesel locomotives, and new transit systems.



Kawasaki's Gas Turbine Division manufactures jet engines and gas turbine generation systems using proprietary technologies developed by Kawasaki in its jet engine business. The Machinery Division supplies the world with a variety of industrial machines, from turbines and diesel engines for land and sea to aero- and hydro-power machinery.



Kawasaki manufactures hydraulic machinery used in construction machinery, industrial machinery, and ships. Its pump motors, valves, and other hydraulic machinery, as well as its assembled hydraulic systems, serve the important function of powering and regulating a wide range of machinery and systems. 

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