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Kelvin Hughes Ltd


Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and surveillance systems. It has been in the forefront for more than 250 years, supplying advanced navigation solutions and services around the globe.


From instrumentation to digital charts, integrated bridge display systems to solid state surveillance radars, Kelvin Hughes has established itself as a technology innovator and reliable partner to the world’s navies, merchant shipping, and pleasure craft operators. That expertise is also applied to the land domain where products designed and built by Kelvin Hughes safeguard borders, coastlines, and critical national infrastructure.


Kelvin Hughes has three distinct divisions addressing the maritime navigation markets through the supply of navigational charts, navigational information, navigation radar and bridge equipment for commercial shipping and ocean going vessels as well as naval vessels and providing situational awareness capability to naval, military, port authorities and coastal protection agencies worldwide.


ChartCo, part of the Kelvin Hughes Group, is the world's longest-established and largest distributor of navigational data charts, marine technical publications and digital products.


Kelvin Hughes Marine Systems division is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art bridge equipment for cargo ships, oil tankers, LNG ships, cruise liners, and other specialist sea vessels including fishing boats. 


Kelvin Hughes Surveillance division is a global radar system solution provider meeting the surveillance, safety, and security needs of the world’s navies, coastal and border operators, and security patrols.

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