Russian Federation

Kirasa Joint-Stock Company
4/1 Cheluskintsev Street
Perm 614094

Kirasa Joint-Stock Company


Kirasa Close Joint-Stock Company is an authorized developer and manufacturer of Body Armor, helmets, uniform, devices and special technical means for Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, and other law enforcement authorities.


Arsenal of military-purpose production is in constant renovation. During the years of successful work, designers of the company have developed about forty models of Body Armor. Continuously designing modern military equipment, Kirasa JSC developed a Tactical Vest complete with Combat Harness Unit, which are adopted by Russian army. Since 2002, the company started lot production of ballistic helmets; R&D specialists have nearly completed creation of equipment for the soldier of the 21st century – Combat Protective Complete Set for special army units.


Since 2000, joint-stock company complies with international standards ISO 9001 and GOST ISO-9001-96 (Certificate of Conformance issued by Institute of Testing and Certification of Armament and Military Equipment).

Manufacturer of Armaments