Kongsberg Gallium Ltd
411 Legget Drive, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 3C9

Kongsberg Gallium Ltd


Kongsberg Gallium (formerly known as Gallium) is a world leader in high performance software solutions. Company's software is fielded in many of the most important Command and Control systems in the world, including air, land, sea and underwater applications. With over two decades of focused experience, the company has developed the tools, expertise and experience to ensure the most demanding display requirements are satisfied.


In 2006, the company transitioned from a small, privately-owned company to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Gruppen (Norway).


Since its founding in 1992, Gallium has focused its efforts on high performance geospatial visualization software.  Building on the expertise gained in those early years, the company developed the InterMAPhics display kernel and released the first version of its Software Development Kit, the first such commercial software development tool specifically focused on high performance geospatial data rendering. 

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