Labinal Power Systems
36, rue Raymond Grimaud, ZAC du Grand Noble, BP 10016
31701 Blagnac Cedex

Labinal Power Systems


Labinal Power Systems groups all of Safran’s electrical power system businesses for the aviation market, encompassing aircraft electrical systems (generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation, systems integration and support services), along with engineering services for the aerospace, auto and rail sectors.


Through its engineering division, Labinal Power Systems offers a full range of engineering services for the aerospace and ground transportation segments. 
Labinal Power Systems is the world’s leading supplier of wiring systems for aircraft, covering design, integration, manufacture and support. 


Labinal Power Systems is one of the world’s major players in power generation systems and power electronics, key components in tomorrow’s "more electric" aircraft. 
Technofan, a subsidiary of Labinal Power Systems, supplies high-performance ventilation systems and components for civil and military aircraft. 

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