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Merin Srl


For more than 20 years, M.E.RIN has produced unique, customized fuel tanks for the most renowned competition cars, ultralight and certified aircraft, and offshore vessels and pleasure craft.


Quality tests and controls are ongoing, for which the company has been able to acquire ISO 9001 certification and AS/EN 9100 management system certification for the aerospace and defence industries.



M.E.RIN designs and produces flexible fuel tanks for below deck installations.

Flexible fuel tanks are particularly suitable for offshore boats and pleasure craft, as they guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning of the housing compartment.

M.E.RIN can assist OEMs during the design phase of new boats, and replace old aluminium or fibreglass fuel tanks with new flexible ones. The fuel tanks are supplied complete with all accessories and ready to install. Lastly, they can hold any type of fuel including the most aggressive containing 100% ethanol.



Over the years, M.E.RIN's business has mainly specialized in the production of fuel tanks for ultralights (ULMs – Ultra-Léger Motorisé), UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) and RUASs (Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Systems). Its flexible custom-made fuel tanks with explosion suppressant and anti-slosh foam can be installed on all types of aircraft, from ultralights and UAVs, to helicopters and certified passenger planes.



Proprietary technology, developed and employed for over 20 years in the production of M.E.RIN self-sealing fuel tanks, guarantees the armouring of its customers’ vehicles against bullets of up to 7.62 calibre. Various treatments are available, which can be applied individually or according to the STANAG specification requested by the customer.



Air-Cell products, developed by M.E.RIN, have been specifically made of flexible rubber fabric for the power transformer industry. Company's Air-Cells are designed for cylindrical, elliptical, octagonal or rectangular-shaped conservators. Once installed inside the conservator, they adapt by contracting or expanding thanks to the vent on the flange, thus compensating for the displacement of oil caused by the temperature variations of the transformer.



M.E.RIN produces unique, customized fuel tanks for the most renowned racing cars and all FIA rally, endurance, formula, touring car and hill climb championships in compliance with the standards set out by the FIA and FT3, FT3.5 and FT5 specifications.

Manufacturer of Armaments