Metallwerk Elisenhutte GmbH
Elisenhütte 10
D-56377 Nassau

Metallwerk Elisenhutte GmbH


Metallwerk Elisenhuette GmbH (MEN) is a successful manufacturer of small caliber ammunition with headquarters in Germany. Here, more than 270 employees develop, manufacture and provide support for a leading product portfolio. The police and armed forces from more than 30 nations worldwide rely on the MEN products.


MEN offers innovative training ammunition with the PTP 2.0 - the only cartridge on the market after TR 2009 which is low in pollutants and does not penetrate ballistic protective vests.


The company offers for military forces ideal solutions for various deployment purposes and calibers: High-penetration fully jacketed bullets, but also high precision ammunition for snipers.


The company recycles and disposes ammunition produced by us in a separate business area:

  • munition beyond its expiration date
  • discontinued ammunition
  • components
Manufacturer of Armaments