MetOcean Data Systems Limited
21 Thornhill Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B1R9

MetOcean Data Systems Limited


MetOcean designs and manufactures various drifting buoys, environmental platforms, and also produces the world renowned NOVATECH location and recovery, satellite, RF, and strobe locator beacon product line. MetOcean's drifting buoy family consists of the following environmental monitoring, oil spill response, and search and rescue drifters: NOVA profiling float, Iridium SVP (iSVP), iSPHERE, Argosphere, SLDMB, and iSLDMB.


Based on its extensive experience with air and ship deployable drifting buoys, MetOcean has designed and now manufactures two naval gunfire systems. The first, the Mobile Acoustic Scoring System (MASS), provides navies with a relatively low-cost, deployable, and recoverable scoring system for conducting live weapons training exercises at sea. The second, SILC (Soft Impact Location Capability), is buoy system based on the original MASS design. SILC is used for acoustic event detection, providing a position and time of the detection. Unlike MASS, the SILC buoy is moored with the hydrophone tethered to the mooring anchor.

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