MineWolf Systems AG
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MineWolf Systems AG


MineWolf Systems is the leading provider of technology and services for the safe, reliable, innovative and cost-efficient clearance of landmines and other explosive devices.
Based in Switzerland with a state of the art manufacturing plant in Germany, MineWolf products are high quality, purpose built mechanical solutions to address a wide range of operational requirements.



The core MineWolf products include:

  • The MineWolf (MW370) - best suited for large demining projects, clearing up to 30,000 m2 per day of hazardous area.
  • The Medium MineWolf (MW330) - an operator or remote-controlled platform used for mine clearance, route clearance and counter-IED.
  • The Mini MineWolf (MW240) - a smaller, remote controlled platform used for the clearance of various explosive devices with its multi-purpose attachments.
  • The Micro Mine Wolf (MW50) - the smallest remote controlled platform suited for mine and IED clearance in ultra-rugged, hard to access and urban environments.



MineWolf Systems offers a wide range of service solutions to fully support the customer and the equipment from the delivery to field operations and beyond:

  • Training – including operator, maintainer, mechanical manager and hazard awareness courses
  • Technical and operational support – technical helpline, spare parts monitoring and general advice for customers in the field
  • Maintenance – with specialist mechanics providing an in-country presence or on-call (“fly in”) support worldwide
  • Regional support – offices worldwide supporting the customer directly in the field
  • Project management – project consultancy and management for all stages of a project
  • Logistics – factory to field delivery of spare parts and machines
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