Mitsubishi Precision Co Ltd
TOC Ariake, East Tower 13F, 5-7 Ariake 3-Chome
Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063

Mitsubishi Precision Co Ltd


Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd. (MPC) is a leading mechatronics company for development, production, sales and logistics support to supply various kinds of Simulation Systems, Visual Systems, Avionics, Space, Inertial Navigation, Radio Systems, and Electronics Application Systems related to parking management control and barrier-free with unique, state-of-the-art technologies and originality.


MPC was founded as a Japan/U.S. joint venture between four Mitsubishi Group companies and General Precision, Inc. to introduce and develop more advanced electronics technologies in Japan. 


Electronics & Navigation System make free use of unique sensor technology to provide the best solution for wide variety of applications from underground to space in the field of measurement, control, guidance, and navigation.


Mitsubishi Precision, the first simulator maker in Japan, has sold more than 4000 simulators to driving schools (both car and train), police related organizations, the Defence Agency, medical facilities, and amusement parks.


MPC has kept developing advanced parking systems. 

Manufacturer of Armaments