nal von minden GmbH
Friedenstraße 32
93053 Regensburg

nal von minden GmbH


With well over 700 products in the portfolio, nal von minden GmbH offers a comprehensive range of rapid tests and laboratory tests in the areas of pediatrics, gynecology, urology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, serology and toxicology. Through its partners the company can also offer diagnostic laboratory (toxicology) as a service.



In the year 2008 nal24 GmbH from Regensburg and the von Minden GmbH from Moers merged and from then on nal von minden GmbH was formed.


Nal von minden GmbH are sales professionals, specialising in vitro diagnostic products for the European market. In the field of drug analysis and medical diagnosis, the company provides a comprehensive and innovative range of products of the highest quality.


Laboratory confirmation is also a service the company can offer its partners. Confirmatory laboratory analysis are important as evidence in legal issues as well as for various governmental departments.

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