New Pac Safety AB
Box 8
SE-564 21 Bankeryd

New Pac Safety AB


New Pac Safety is specialized in products for military and civil security. The company provides protection solutions against CBRN threats. For more than 30 years the company has delivered reliable products developed in close cooperation with users all over the world.


Military product range includes:

  • Protective Mask CBRN F2, a full face mask which protects face, eyes and respiratory organs against chemical warfare, biological warfare and radioactive dust.
  • Chemi Cover Dress S/89, a complete C-Cover S/89 consists of two parcels - one body cover and a pair of foot covers. The S/89 allows complete personal protection in less then 10 seconds.
  • Chemi Cover S/97, a jacket with integrated hood and trousers with flexible tightening to boots. In combination with a protective mask it is C-proof for more than 24 hours.
Manufacturer of Armaments