Newcon Optik Inc
105 Sparks Ave.
Toronto, ON. M2H 2S5

Newcon Optik Inc


Newcon Optik was established for the purpose of producing and supplying the market with state-of-the-art optical systems, Canadian-based R&D and manufacturing and worldwide distribution. 


Newcon Optik 's trademark is recognized throughout the world and the company is acknowledged as a leading brand name in all the key sectors and markets on a global level, including in numerous military, law enforcement, search and rescue, surveillance, hunting, camping, and marine professional sectors in all corners of the world. Company's dealer networks span 5 continents and up to 90% of its products support professionals in 60 countries.


Company's product range includes:

  • Laser Rangefinders and Speed Detectors: OEM MODULES for system integrators,  Binoculars and monoculars rangefinders for homeland security, recreational and professional use, Laser speed detectors for Law Enforcement
  • Image Stabilized Binoculars: Gyro stabilized binoculars, Mechanically stabilized binoculars 
  • Night Vision: Aviation Systems, Ground Systems, Weapon Systems, Image Intensifier tubes 
  • Laser Aimers and Illuminators: Visible and infrared
Manufacturer of Armaments