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Nexter is a group of companies, organised in three business line: Systems, Munitions, Equipment.



Nexter provides:

  • design and integration of complex weapon systems and delivery of customer service in the context of weapon systems and armored systems
  • design and production of medium-caliber and large-caliber munitions, warheads, and safety devices for missiles and protection systems in the context of munitions and warheads
  • civil engineering, mechanical and hydraulic equipment production and high added-value machining services
  • engineering and production of electronic equipment for use in extreme environments.



The Systems Business Line includes Nexter Systems (design, integration and operational readiness maintenance of weapons systems and armored vehicles), which is the parent company for all the subsidiary companies operated by the business lines, Nexter Training (computer-assisted training using the GVT® Generic Virtual Training package), CTA International (a joint venture with BAE Systems formed to design and develop 40mm weapon systems) and Nexter Robotics (Land and air-land mini robots).


The Ammunition Business Group is composed of Nexter Munitions (From medium-calibre to large-calibre ammunition, components and warheads for missile and torpedo manufacturers), Simmel Difesa (Naval and infantry ammunition and rockets) and Mecar (Tank, medium calibre, mortar and recoiless rifle ammunition).
The Equipment Business Line includes Nexter Electronics, Nexter Mechanics, NBC-Sys, Euro-Shelter and Optsys.

Manufacturer of Armaments