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NIC Instruments Ltd

Companies & Organizations: NIC Instruments Ltd
Description: Alpha 2 Building & Vehicle Entry Accessory Kit

Alpha 2 Building & Vehicle Entry Accessory Kit

Alpha 4 Building & Vehicle Entry Kit

Alpha 5 Building Entry Kit

Alpha 6 Vehicle Entry Kit

Alpha Vehicle Entry Accessory Kit

Backpack Carrying System

Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit

Delta Lightweight Hook & Line Kit

Dismounted Modular EOD Backpack System

Drag Hook Command Wire Finder

Endoscope Kit

Endoscope Search Kit

Epsilon Hook & Line Kit

Gamma B Backpack Hook & Line Kit

HAWK Search Kit

Heavy Duty Hook and Line Kit

LED Illuminated Telescopic Search Arm

Lightweight Search Mirror

Lightweight Tripod System for Hook & Line Kits

Mirror Search Kit

NIC Carbon Fibre Telescopic Manipulator

Normal / Heavy Duty Tripod for Hook & Line Kits

Personal Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK)

Pocket Search Mirror

Rigid Search Arm

Rigid Search Arm With High Specification Illumination

Sigma Hook & Line Kit

Standard Hook & Line Kit 1st Generation

Standard Urban Hook & Line Kit 4th Generation

Standard Vehicle Entry Hook & Line Kit 2nd Generation

Telescopic Search Arm

Titanium Delta Lightweight Hook & Line Kit

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Vehicle Mine Extraction Kit (VMEK)

ZEUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Ultimate Modular CIED and EOD Robot