Nippi Corporation
3175 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama 236-8540

Nippi Corporation


Nippi Corporation is the only aircraft manufacturing specialist in Japan, which provides aircraft and space equipment with the development and production of aircraft structural assembly products and aircraft repair and maintenance.


Company's core activities:

  • Production of aircraft components, target systems, rocket components, and space equipment
  • Aircraft repair, maintenance and modification
  • Production of wind-turbine systems and marine equipment



In the field of aircraft for Military of Defense, Nippi Corporation is active in joint production for nearly all models of domestic aircraft, including anti-submarine patrol aircraft, fighter aircraft, training aircraft, transport aircraft, amphibian, and helicopters.



The company develops and produces underwing equipment for fighters, trainers, and helicopters. 


Company's Aircraft Maintenance Division is adjacent to the US Navy and Maritime Self-Defense Force's Atsugi Airport, on a site of 67,918 square meters, and carries out maintenance on aircraft including American military aircraft, Ministry of Defense aircraft and Japan Coast Guard aircraft.
Nippi Corporation is a member of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group.

Manufacturer of Armaments