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Ormiston Wire Ltd
1 Fleming Way, Worton Road
Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6EU

Ormiston Wire Ltd


Ormiston Wire Ltd manufactures almost any type of wire for almost any type of application. Company's manufacturing processes can accommodate either ferrous or non-ferrous wire or strands, to any size or length. They include facilities for rolling, winding, rewinding, spooling, braiding, bunching, stranding and plastic coating, according to specification.


The diversity of end uses for Ormiston's products ranges from delicate surgical sutures, to special effects applications for the film industry, to polypropylene- covered and Kevlar-cored strands for low-voltage lighting, to the high-specification demands of the nuclear industry.


As an approved manufacturer and supplier to the military, the company supplies wire for a wide range of uses. Applications can be for vehicles or general equipment and range from wire for antennas, to lanyards, to high-specification stainless steel locking wire for bolts.

Manufacturer of Armaments