Overseas Development Corp
No: 4/1 Balgat
06520 Ankara

Overseas Development Corp


Overseas Development Corporation (ODC) has been active since 1956 as a leading international trading and business consultancy company.


ODC was established under the Laws of the United States and operates today in four core business areas, through its Defense, Commercial, Specialty Metals, Renewable Energy & Agriculture and Construction divisions, respectively.



ODC's Commercial Division is engaged in estensive International trading operations, involving a wide variety of products and services. Its operations are diversified across various sectors, including commercial and business aviation, communications, agriculture, industrial machinery, electronics, mapping and survey, manufactured domestic goods & consumables and renewable energy.



Defense Division of ODC specializes in assisting companies in establishing or consolidating their international business ventures in many countries around the world. 



Highly qualified marketing, contract management and personnel with military experience operate from each of ODC's offices which are strategically located in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, China and Turkey.

Trade Intermediary