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Pearson Engineering Ltd
Wincomblee Road
Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 3QS

Pearson Engineering Ltd

Defense Products & Services Sectors: Perimeter patrol vehicles, autonomous robot
Companies & Organizations: Pearson Engineering Ltd
Description: APE-X Robotic Platform

APE-X Robotic Platform

Barbadian Super Light Weight Roller

Bridge Launch Mechanism

Combat Dozer Blade

Crew Compartment

Crowd Control System

Dismounted Soldier Protection Roller

Earth Anchor Blade

Excavator Manipulator Arm

Full Width Mine Plough

High Lift Adaptor

Intelligent Area Denial Device

Jettison Fitting Kit

Light Weight Mine Roller

Light Weight Proofing Roller

Magnetic Signature Duplicator

Manufacturing Services

Medium Fitting Kit

Obstacle Marking System

PEROCC Vehicle

Remote Control System

Self Protection Combat Roller

Short Gap Crossing System

SPARK II Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit II

Straight Obstacle Blade

Surface Clearance Device

Track Width Mine Plough

Vehicle Interface Bracket