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Photo-Sonics Inc
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Chatsworth, CA 91311

Photo-Sonics Inc

Defense Products & Services Sectors: Television cameras, airborne
Companies & Organizations: Photo-Sonics Inc
Description: A-4M Lockheed Fighting Hawk Color Video HUD Camera

A-4M Lockheed Fighting Hawk Color Video HUD Camera

A/0A-10C Video Camera

Acquisition Camera for Tracking Mounts

Alpha Jet HUD Video Camera (2LRU's)

Alpha Jet HUD Video System

Argus Tracking and Instrument-Control Software

Auto-Focus Tables for Tracking Mounts

AV-8B Night Attack Camera

Cine-Sextant Mobile Tracking System

Close-In Optical Tracking System

Compact Tracking Mount (CTM)

F-15CD MSIP HUD Camera

F-16A/B/ADF HUD Camera

F-16C/D Cockpit Camera (CCAM)

F/A-18A/B HUD Camera

F/A-18C/D/E/F and E/A-18G HUD Camera

Fly-Out Optical Tracking System

Integrated HUD Camera

Metric Zoom Lens 12.5mm - 1500mm f/3.8 - f/7.6

Metric Zoom Lens 20mm - 2200mm

Mini-Sextant Tracking Mount

Mobile Multi-Spectral TSPI System (MMTS)

Nano-Sextant Tracking Mount

Remote-Head Camera 11.00mm and 12.75mm Focal Lengths

RR-2100 Tracking / Ranging Radar

Super Radot Tracking Mount

T-45C HUD Camera

Video Tracking Camera