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Power Technology Inc
16302 Alexander Rd.
Alexander, AR, 72002

Power Technology Inc


Since 1969, Power Technology Inc has been designing, developing, and manufacturing a comprehensive range of laser products for scientific, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, machine vision, defense and security applications.


Company's modules are ideal for any number of OEM and research-based applications, including microscopy, display, spectroscopy, holography, laser-induced fluorescence, flow cytometry, and high-resolution printing.


Power Technology offers a variety of laser diode modules with wavelengths from 263 to 13,900nm and output powers from 0.1mW to several Watts. Beam circularization is available for many of company's modules, as is active temperature control and pulsed or modulated output. And several of its laser diode modules feature an alternate separated geometry configuration for more flexible integration into client's application.


In addition the company has been a world leader in HeNe power supply production since its inception. Power Technlogy manufactures a variety of AC and DC input power supplies for Helium Neon lasers, from basic units to more advanced ones capable of driving some of the most powerful HeNe tubes on the market. The company also offers a variety of diode-pumped solid state lasers, as well as infrared viewing devices, fusion fiber splicers, and dual beam combiner.


The company performs a number of custom-design and manufacturing services. Power Technology houses a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation.

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