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Renful Aviation Security Ltd
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Renful Aviation Security Ltd


Renful Aviation Security Ltd provides an integrative approach that includes training and assessment tools for the selection of the right candidate (Pre-M), computer based security x-ray theory training (TREFOX), familiarization with prohibited items (Threat object demonstration Kits) and computerized x-ray simulation training (SIMFOX).


Company's range of products and services includes:

  • Simfox is a Security X-Ray Simulator that is used to train and test the x-ray detection skills of security screeners.
  • Pre-M recruitment testing software is used to identify the candidate best suited for the role of x-ray screener.
  • OpeReady is a unique Operational Compliance Management System that enables Security Managers to monitor and control in real-time the operational compliance level of individual employees, units and key equipment within organisations.
  • OpSEM is a new and innovative Screening Efficiency Monitoring system that is designed to improve passenger facilitation and screening efficiency at security checkpoints.
  • Simulant training kits contain a selection of simulant threats and accompanying training notes all held together in a protective briefcase for easy transportation.
  • Equipment: STP / CTP (STPs are used to test x-ray machines are functioning correctly and that there are no obvious changes that might affect their performance to detect and display important materials), Forgery Detectors (Forgery Detectors are used by Airports, Customs, Police and other high security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes), UV Lights (Ultraviolet Lamps are used by many banks, retail stores, immigration services, governments and police forces worldwide for instant document and currency verification), Metal Detectors (range of hand held metal detectors to a wide variety of organisations throughout the world including airports, schools, courts, police stations, shipping companies and a whole range of warehouses and retail outlets for loss prevention.


Renful has extensive experience in the provision of security consultancy to meet various accepted standards throughout the world.

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