Rheinmetall Nordic
Lindholmveien 14, 3133 Duken, P.O. Box 143
3106 Nøtterøy

Rheinmetall Nordic


Rheinmetall Nordic, the former Simrad Optronics ASA, headquartered in Nøtterøy, Norway, has been a member of the Rheinmetall group since June 2010.


Rheinmetall Nordic is an internationally operating supplier of electro-optical products and systems solutions. These include, for example, components for remotely operated weapon stations, electro-optical devices and fire control modules for crew-served weapons. Offering a wide array of related services, including maintenance, first-rate R&D capabilities and outstanding expertise, Rheinmetall Nordic is a strategic partner supplying tomorrow’s solutions today.


In addition, an established player in Scandinavia for over 50 years, the company markets the Rheinmetall Defence group's complete range of products in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


To further strengthen its position in the Nordic market, in November 2011 the company established a new subsidiary, Rheinmetall Sweden, with headquarters in Stockholm.

Manufacturer of Armaments