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81671 Muenchen

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

Companies & Organizations: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG
Countries: Germany
Description: AC004L1 Omnidirectional Antenna for Circular Left-Hand Polarization, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz

AC004L1 Omnidirectional Antenna for Circular Left-Hand Polarization, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz

AC004L2 Omnidirectional Antenna for Circular Left-Hand Polarization, 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz

AC004R1 Omnidirectional Antenna for Circular Right-Hand Polarization, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz

AC004R2 Omnidirectional Antenna for Circular Right-Hand Polarization, 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz

AC008 Microwave Directional Antenna

AC025DP Antenna Dual-Polarized Reflector

AC308R2 SHF Directional Antenna

AC308R3 SHF/EHF Directional Antenna

AD016M Broadband Communications Antenna

AD016MC Compact Broadband Tx Antenna

AD033V3 Omnidirectional UHF Antenna

AD066FW Broadband VHF/UHF Communications Antenna System

AD066ST Omnidirectional UHF Antenna

ADMC8 Multicoupler

AK503 Mobile HF Antenna

AllAudio Integrated Digital Audio Software

ARDRONIS-I Detecting And Geolocating RC Drones Early On

ARGUS 6.1 Spectrum Monitoring Software

ASDU02 Antenna Signal Distribution

ATCMC Air Traffic Control Multicoupler

AU600 Active Omnidirectional Receiving Antenna System

CA100 PC-Based Signal Analysis and Signal Processing Software

CA120 Multichannel Signal Analysis Software

CA210 Signal Analysis Software

CA250 Bit Stream Analysis

CP001 Antenna Remote Control Software

DDF007 Portable Direction Finder

DDF1555 Compact Direction Finder

DDF1GTX High-Speed Scanning HF Direction Finder

DDF200M Digital Direction Finder

DDF205 Digital Direction Finder

DDF255 Digital Direction Finder

DDF260 Digital Direction Finder

DDF550 Wideband Direction Finder

DDF5GTS High-Speed Scanning Direction Finder

DF-ATC-S Direction Finding System

EB500 Monitoring Receiver

EB510 HF Monitoring Receiver

ELCRODAT 4-2 Encryption Device

ELCRODAT 5-4 Secure Voice and Data Communications

ELCRODAT 6-2 Secure Voice and Data Communications

EM100 Digital Compact Receiver

EM100XT Digital Compact Receiver

ESMD Wideband Monitoring Receiver

ESME Wideband Monitoring Receiver

FK2100/FK2100M Antenna Tuning Units (ATU)

FK4115M HF Antenna Tuning Unit

FK4190M HF Antenna Tuning Unit

FT224 Diplexer

FT255 Triplexer

FU129 Antenna Filter Unit

GA208 Speaker Control Unit

GB016 Control Unit

GB130 Control Unit

GB2000 Remote Control Unit

GB208 AF Control Unit

GB4000C Remote Control Unit

GB4000T Control Unit

GB4000V Audio Unit

GB6500 Remote Control Unit

GB899 Remote Control Unit

GP2000 Remote Control Processor

GPS129 GPS Receiver

GV4000 Multi-Link Controller

GX410 R&S®AMLAB Signal Analysis Software

GX460 Digital Wideband Storage Device

GX465 Digital Wideband Storage Device

HA104/512 HF Rod Antenna

HA230/403 HF Receiving Antenna

HE010D Active HF Dipole Antenna

HE010E Active Rod Antenna

HE016 Active Antenna System

HE309E Active Vertical Dipole Antenna

HE314A1 Active Omnidirectional Antenna

HE400 Handheld Directional Antenna

HE400BC Basic Handheld Directional Antenna

HE500 Active Omnidirectional Receiving Antenna

HE600 Active Omnidirectional Receiving Antenna, 20 MHz to 8 GHz

HF214 Omnidirectional Antenna

HF902 Omnidirectional Antenna

HF907 Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna

HF907DC SHF Directional Antenna with Down Converter

HF907OM Broadband Omnidirectional Antenna

HF918 Antenna

HFH2-Z2E Active Loop Antenna

HFH2-Z6E Active Rod Antenna

HK001E UHF Coaxial Dipole Antenna

HK012E VHF Coaxial Dipole Antenna

HK014 VHF/UHF Coaxial Dipole Antenna

HK014E VHF/UHF Coaxial Dipole Antenna

HK033 VHF/UHF Coaxial Dipole Antenna

HK055L1 Broadband Mobile Antenna

HK055S1 Omnidirectional Broadband Antenna

HK056 Broadband Mobile Antenna

HK060 Broadband Mobile Antenna

HK061 Vehicular Broadband Communications Antenna

HK116E Biconical Antenna

HK309 Passive Broadband Receiving Dipole Antenna

HL007A2 Crossed Log-Periodic Antenna

HL024A1/S1 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas

HL024S2 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas

HL024S7 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas

HL024S8 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas

HL024S9 Crossed Log-Periodic Antennas

HL033 Log-Periodic Antenna

HL040E Log-Periodic Broadband Antenna

HL046E High Gain Log-Periodic Antenna

HL050 Log-Periodic Antennas

HL050E Log-Periodic Antenna

HL050S7 Log-Periodic Directional Antenna with Preamplifier

HL210A3 Log-Periodic HF Antenna

HL223 Log-Periodic Antenna

HL410A3 Log-Periodic HF Antenna

HL451 Log-Periodic HF Antenna

HL471 Log-Periodic HF Antenna


HM020E Triple-Loop Antenna

HS9043 VHF/UHF Cavity Antenna Filter

HX002H1 150 W HF Dipole Antenna

HX002H2 Antenna 150 W HF Dipole for Shipboard Applications

HX002M1 Antenna150 W HF Dipole for Shipboard Applications

IN600 Bias Unit

KG42-Z75 X-Cross Adapter

KG4200 ATC System Rack

KR420 Circulator Module/Frame

M3AR Software Defined Radios

M3SR FD213A UHF Filters

M3SR FD221 UHF Automatic Filters and Multicouplers

M3SR FT213A VHF/UHF Filters

M3SR FU221 VHF Automatic Filters and Multicouplers

M3SR IN4000A External Power Supply

M3SR Series4100 Software Defined Radios

M3SR Series4400 Software Defined Radios

M3TR Software Defined Radios

MapView Basic Module of R&S®MapView Geographic Information Software

MMC3000 Multimode Multirole Crypto Device

MMHS STANAG 4406-Based Military Message Handling System

MNT100 RF Interference Locator


MP007 Portable Direction Finding System

MSD Modular System Device


PR100 Portable Receiver

Presentation Suite

Propagation Calculation Tool

RA-CHM System Status Monitoring

RAMON Radiomonitoring Software

RCMS II Remote Control & Monitoring System

RD016 Antenna Rotator

RD130 Antenna Rotator

RNMS SDxR Network Management for the R&S® SDxR Software Defined Radio Family

RNMS3000 Radio Network Management System

RO129 Antenna Rotator

SDTR Vehicular Tactical Radio

Series4200 Software Defined Radios

SRTS Software-Based R&S®RAMON Training System

STANAG 5066 HF Radio Data Communication System

TrustedFilter IP

UCS226x Radio Test Equipment

UMS175 Compact Radiomonitoring System

UMS300 Compact Monitoring and Radiolocation System

VCS-4G IP-Based Voice Communications System

VD480L UHF Power Amplifiers