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Roke Manor Research Ltd
Roke Manor Old Salisbury Ln
Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0ZN

Roke Manor Research Ltd

Companies & Organizations: Roke Manor Research Ltd
Description: Applied Analysis & Experimentation

Applied Analysis & Experimentation

Autoland Intelligent Sensors & Unmanned System

Bespoke Testing Services

Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) Services

Communications Infrastructure & Info Management

Crypto Management Solutions

Crypto Test Services

Data Science Consulting Services

Data Science Engineering Services

Decision Support

Epsilon Radar Cross Section (RCS) Prediction

Network Testing Services

Performance Verification Testing (PVT) Services

Positioning & Timing Intelligent Sensors & Unmanned System

Radiated Emissions Test Facilities

Secure Voice Cryptographic Solution

Security Engineering Services

STARTLE Intelligent Sensors & Unmanned System

Triple GNSS Geodetic-Grade Antenna

Visual Target Analysis