B-dul Timişoara nr. 5C, sector 6
061301 Bucureşti



ROMTEHNICA is one of the leading trade companies in the field, having a career spanning over 35 years of experience on the international defence market.


The company acts under the coordination of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence:

  • Negotiates and signs the contracts on behalf of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence and other entities related to transfer of technology, logistic support, technical assistance and personnel training;
  • As importer of goods and services requested by the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, ROMTEHNICA may also provide support for imports of any other governmental authorities;
  • Performs all the commercial and financial activities related to the defence upgrading/modernization programs of the Romanian Armed Forces;
  • Exclusive exporter for the Romanian Ministry of National Defence surplus equipment and the most important trader of goods and services offered by the Romanian defence industry;
  • Organizes tenders and selection of offers;
  • Promotes Romanian defence manufactured products;
  • Its policy and quality system are attested by SR EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Trade Intermediary