Russian Federation

Rosoboronexport Open Joint Stock Company
27, Stromynka Street
Moscow, 107076

Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company

Defense Products & Services: 2A42 Antitank Gun
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Guns, aircraft, 20 mm and over
Companies & Organizations: Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company
Countries: Russian Federation
Description: 2A42 Antitank Gun

2A42 Antitank Gun

A2111-0000 Oil/Hydraulic Fluid Refiller

ADK PRIZMA Automated Diagnostic System for Roentgen-Fluorescence Analysis of Oil

AIR LAUNCH Space Transportation System

AL-21F-3 Turbojet Engine

AL-31F Turbofan Engine Family

AMUR 950/AMUR 1650 Diesel-Electric Submarines

ANSAT Utility Helicopter

APR-3E Air-Launched ASW Missile

ATAKA Antitank Guided Missile

Be-200 Multi-Purpose Amphibian

BetAB-500 Concrete-Piercing Bomb

D-30F6 Turbofan Engine

D-30KP Turbofan Engine

D-436TP Turbofan Engine

DNEPR-1 Launch Vehicle

DOZOR On-line Monitoring System

FAB-500 M62 High-Explosive Bomb

Game Controllers for Virtual Training of Flying Personnel (Display Teams)

GSh-23L Aircraft Cannon

GSh-30 30 mm Airborne Double-Barrel Gun

GSh-301 Aircraft Cannon

HERMES-A Guided Weapon System

IGLA-S Guided Missile

IL-114MP Multi-Purpose Patrol Aircraft

IL-114P Patrol Aircraft

IL-22-M11RT Airborne Command Post and Radio-Relay Aircraft

IL-76MD Medium-Range Military Transport Aircraft

IL-76MF Medium-Range Military Transport Aircraft

IL-76P Fire-Fighting Aircraft

IL-78MK Convertible Flight Refuelling Tanker

IL-96-300 Business Aircraft

Ka-115 Utility Helicopter

Ka-226 Utility Helicopter

Ka-27PS Search-and-Rescue Helicopter

Ka-28 ASW Helicopter

Ka-29 Combat Transport Helicopter

Ka-31 Radar Picket Helicopter

Ka-32 Utility Helicopter

Ka-50 Single-Seat Combat Helicopter

Ka-50-2 Tandem-Seat Modification of Ka-50 Combat Helicopter

Ka-60 Utility Helicopters

Ka-62 Utility Helicopter

KAB-1500 Guided Bomb Family

KAB-1500Kr Guided Bomb with a TV Seeker

KAB-500 Guided Bomb Family

Kh-22E Supersonic Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile

Kh-29 Short-Range Air-to-Surface Missile Family

Kh-31 Supersonic Air-to-Surface Missile Family

Kh-35E Anti-Ship Missile

Kh-59ME Medium-Range Air-to-Surface Missile

KONDOR-E Space Remote Sensing System

KORD 12.7 mm Machine Gun

KORNET-E Antitank Missile System

KOSMOS-3M Launch Vehicle

KRAB-1 Flight Procedures Simulator for Ka-50 Combat Helicopter

M-55 GEOFIZIKA High-Altitude Aircraft

M6/M6T Airborne Small-Size Target

MDM-3 Airborne Bottom Mine

Mi-17-1V Transport/Assault Helicopter

Mi-171Sh Combat Transport Helicopter

Mi-19 Airborne Command Post Helicopter

Mi-24/Mi-35 Combat Transport Helicopters Technical Training Aids

Mi-26/Mi-26T Heavy Transport Helicopters

Mi-28NE Combat Helicopter

Mi-2A Upgraded Utility Helicopter

Mi-34U Trainer Helicopter

Mi-35/Mi-35P Combat Transport Helicopters

Mi-35M Upgraded Combat Transport Helicopter

Mi-8/Mi-17 Helicopters Technical Training Aids

MiG-21-93 Fighter Modernisation Programme

MiG-29 Aircraft Integrated Simulation Systems for Avionics Suite and Weapons

MiG-29 Light tactical fighter

MiG-29K/KUB Shipborne Multirole Fighter

MiG-29M/M2 Multirole Fighter

MiG-29SE Light Tactical Fighter

MiG-29SMT Light Multirole Fighter

MiG-31E Interceptor

MiG-AT Combat Trainer

MOLNIYA-M Launch Vehicle

NK-25 Turbofan Engine

ODAB Fuel-Air Explosive Bombs

OFAB HE Fragmentation Incendiary Bombs

OFZAB HE Fragmentation Incendiary Bomb

P-50T Practice Bomb

PAR-10 Non-Directional Radio Beacon

PCHELA-1 Small-Size Tactical Air Reconnaissance System

PPK-3-120 Anti-G Suit

PRMG-5 Landing Beacon System


PROJECT 11356 Frigate

PROJECT 11541 KORSAR Patrol Ship

PROJECT 11661 GEPARD-3.9 Frigate

PROJECT 12061E MURENA-E Air Cushion Landing Craft

PROJECT 12150 MANGUST High-Speed Patrol Boat

PROJECT 12260 YASTREB Fast Patrol Boat

PROJECT 12322 ZUBR Air Cushion Landing Craft

PROJECT 1239 BORA Guided Missile Air Cushion Ship

PROJECT 12418 MOLNIYA Guided Missile Boat

PROJECT 1241PE Small ASW Ship

PROJECT 12421 MOLNIYA Guided Missile Boat

Project 1265E Coastal Minesweeper

PROJECT 14310 MIRAZH Patrol Boat

PROJECT 18270 BESTER Deep-Sea Manned Rescue Craft

PROJECT 20910 CHILIM Air Cushion Patrol Boat

PROJECT 266ME Minesweeper

PROJECT 636 Large Diesel-Electric Submarine with Club-S Missile System

PROJECT 877EKM Large Diesel-Electric Submarine with Club-S Missile System

PROJECT 956E Destroyer

PROTON-M Launch Vehicle

PS-90A Turbofan Engine

R-27 Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile Family

R-33E Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile

R-73E Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile

R-95Sh, R-195 Turbojet Engines

R25-300 Turbojet Engine

RD-1700 Bypass Turbojet Engine

RD-33 Turbofan Engine Family

RD-600V Turboshaft Engine

REYS-D Unmanned Air Reconnaissance System

ROCKOT Launch Vehicle

RSBN-4N Radio Navigation Ground Beacon

RVV-AE Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile

S-13 Aircraft Rocket Family

S-24B Aircraft Rocket

S-25-OFM Aircraft Rocket

S-8 Aircraft Rocket Family

S3V ASW Guided Bomb

SHTURM Antitank Guided Missile

SOYUZ-U Launch Vehicle

START/START-1 Launch Vehicles

STBP-29 Specialised Combat Simulator and IASO-29 Automated Training System

STRELA Launch Vehicle

STRELETS Control Equipment and Launch Module Set for Igla-Type Guided Missiles

Su-27SKM Multirole Fighter

Su-30MK Multirole Fighter

Su-30MK2 Multirole Fighter

Su-32 Fighter-BomberSu-32 Fighter-Bomber

Su-33 Shipborne Fighter

Su-35 Multirole Fighter

Su-39 Aircraft

Su-80GP Multi-Purpose Transport Aircraft

Technical Training Aids for Military Transport, Combat and Civil Aviation

TOPAZ-M Flight Information Processing System

TRITON-1/TRITON-2 Midget Submarines

Tu-214 Business Aircraft

Tu-22M3E Long-Range Missile-Carrying Bomber

TV3-117/TV7-117 Turboshaft Engine Family

UMGT-1ME Self-Homing Torpedo

UPG-300/UPG-300 NGZh-4 Versatile Mobile Hydraulic Systems

UPK-23-250 Versatile Gun Pod

VK-3M Air Ventilation Suit

VKK-15K High-Altitude Pressure Suit

VMSK-4-15 Sea Survival High-Altitude Suit

Yak-130 Combat Trainer

Yak-42D VIP Administrative Aircraft

ZSh-7V Helicopter Crash Helmet

ZSZh-66M Oil/Hydraulic Fluid Refiller