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Russian Aircraft Corporation MIG
1-st Botkinsky drive, 7
125284 Moscow

Russian Aircraft Corporation MIG


Joint-Stock Company "Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" is a leading enterprise of aviation industry of Russia which has aggregated within the framework of unified legal structure the main organizations ensuring all elements of flight vehicles life cycle: concept development, initial and detailed design, manufacture of prototypes and their tests, marketing, preproduction planning and serial production, technical support during operation, upgrading as well as the training of the flight personnel, technicians and engineers.


The RAC "MiG" product line consists of up-to-date fighters- interceptors, multi-role combat aircraft, including newly developed fighters of the unified family of MiG-29K/KUB, MiG- 29М/М2 and advanced MiG-35, training equipment as well as the light general-purpose airplanes. The RAC "MiG" designers are intensively working at creation of a new generation aeronautical engineering, both manned and unmanned.

Manufacturer of Armaments