Saab Kockums
Stora Varvsgatan 11
211 19 Malmö

Saab Kockums


As part of Saab’s commitment to strengthening its global Naval leadership, Saab has acquired Kockums (former part of K Industrier AB) in 2014. 


Kockums are at the forefront of maritime and Naval technology. They design, build and maintain submarines and surface vessels, and have a strong portfolio of successful products including the air-independent Stirling system, submarine rescue vehicles and mine countermeasures systems.


Kockums’ long-standing relationships with their customers around the world – including the navies of Sweden, Australia and Singapore – are a testimony to their dedication to delivering high-quality, proven systems. 


Saab Kockums designs, builds and maintains advanced non-nuclear sub-marines for operations in both extreme littoral zones and blue waters. 



Saab Kockums is specialized in fast attack craft and light corvette sized combatants that are distinguished for their multi-mission capabilities, fire power and high-speed shallow water penetrability. 

Manufacturer of Armaments