Schmid Telecom AG
Binzstrasse 35
8045 Zürich

Schmid Telecom AG


Schmid Telecom, is a global leader in network solutions for digital voice and data transfer and voice communication systems used in air traffic control. Schmid Telecom is a manufacturer of DSL Access Systems for broadband communications. Watson NGN is Schmid Telecom´s modular and scalable broadband solution. Wherever broadband services are needed, from remote locations, street cabinets or central offices, it provides the right solution for every application.



Watson NGN is based on newest technology with pure packet transport, especially targeted for IP and/or Ethernet networks. Voice Communication Systems based on the ICS 200/60 platform have been installed for air traffic control, airport ground services, coast guard applications and voice conferencing systems at numerous sites throughout the world. This scalable platform can be tailored for all ATC applications, from compact systems to the largest control centres. The ICS 200/60 platform is based on an all-digital design, and has a distributed intelligence which makes it possible to rapidly switch all telephone and radio channels.

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