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Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co. KG


Schmidt & Bender is a synonym for quality and precision, for tradition and innovation. As early as 1957 the family business engaged in the development, production and optimization of riflescopes that always meet the ever increasing requirements in this segment.



Since that time a great amount of passion, ingenuity and a strong awareness for quality, together with a close and successful cooperation with the shooters have always contributed towards accomplishing that goal. Thus Schmidt & Bender has become one of the leading suppliers of precision scopes in the world.



Schmidt & Bender. Founder & Forerunner. Hunting & Fascination. Quality & Precision. Tradition & Innovation. Synonyms for a company supplying high-quality hunting scopes on a global scale.



Something which today may sound rather natural must be attributed in the first place to the hard work and zeal of the two founders who launched their "Project Passion" in 1957. In that enterprise the initial rather poor means in terms of the available materials did not impede precision mechanic Helmut Schmidt and master precision engineer Helmut Bender in any way. Quite the opposite: employing a considerable portion of heart and soul as well as a lot of ingenuity and the utmost skills of their craft they laid the foundation for the path they pursued to become the world's top scope suppliers – among which the company ranks today.



50 years later Schmidt & Bender still is a family business that will soon continue to pursue the values and traditions of the two founders in the third generation.



Since each hunter, each hunt and each climate has its own specific requirements, Schmidt & Bender offers a wide variety of different scopes in two product lines: the Klassik series, perfected through model updates and continuing development over many years, epitomizing the traditional style in form and function. And the future oriented Zenith series, expressing without doubt progress and aesthetic awareness.



Here are the strong points of these two series in further detail: basic solidity and resistance of the main tube. Abrasion-resistant, precious looking anodized surface finish. Reliable function of all mechanical parts. Optics, designed and manufactured to the latest requirements, as well as multiple coating finishes, developed in accordance with the latest findings with respect to thin film technology. The user may select between scopes with constant and variable magnification, different main tubes, with or without rails and with a great number of reticles.



A propos, the latest progress in Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticle technology and the new Convex internal rail are additional proof of our development team's creativity and the close contact with the users of our products.



Whether in the heat-simmering savannah of Africa, in the cold deserts of Alaska or the raw landscapes of the European North: with their proverbial solidity and reliability the scopes of these two series will always be your ideal partner for a fascinating hunting experience.



Why we have equipped the Schmidt & Bender reticle illumination with an automatic switch-off function is rather easy to explain. Many of our employees are passionate hunters themselves, collecting their own experiences and those of hunter friends and clients all over the world. Systematic developing activities, extensive practical testing and regular talks with rifle producers, gunsmiths and shooters also help in finding the right solutions. Innovative and in the most practical applications.



These processes are particularly safe since they are all conducted following the strictest regulations of the DIN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, from design via manufacturing up to after-sales services. Thus our employees at Schmidt & Bender always meet a requirement they have asked themselves to comply with, i.e. to not only meet the requirements of the customers, but to exceed them.



Scopes of the Schmidt & Bender PM line have been developed in close cooperation with special forces and police experts. Due to their proverbial reliability they are in the top ranks all over the world. They are successfully being used in many countries of the world for many years. In environments from desert sand to tropical humidity to arctic cold the models of the PM and PM II Iines prove their operability under most extreme conditions.



Mounted on an precision or sharpshooter rifl e for short to middle distances or on a .50 BMG for aquiring tactical targets at extremely far distances, Schmidt & Bender‘s PM line offers a suitable scope for every purpose. To ensure long term functionality and reliability under all environmental conditions almost all mechanical parts are machined of metallic materials. The scope‘s main tubes are made of one single piece of high grade aluminum.


They have a very strong, scratch resistent hard-anodized surface. For increased safety of the shooter all PM scopes provide an eye relief distance of 90 millimeters (equals 3.5 inches). This is of high advantage especially in stress situations and for quick target acquisition. The ocular housings are equipped with a rubber ring that protects the eye and increases the non-skid property of the ocular. The outside diameter of this ring allows adapting accessories such as protectice covers and polarization fi lters.



A change of the magnifi cation setting is accomplished by rotating a handy ring next to the ocular, which can comfortably be used with gloves as well. The scopes feature high elevation and windage ranges for bullet drop compensation.



To provide high elevation and windage ranges the models of the PM II line feature a main tube diameter of 34 millimeters. The PM line scopes 1.1-4 x 20 Short-Dot, 1-8 x 24 Short-Dot and 1.5-6 x 20 have a main tube diameter of 30 millimeters. Each of the scope‘s operating elements works precisely and serves only one single function. This prevents faulty operation and unintended adjustments.



With the parallax adjustment mechanism developed by Schmidt & Bender the shooter can quickly and safely focus the scope to distances from 10 meters to infi nity. Since the parallax adjustment mechanism is located on a third turret opposite to the windage adjustment the shooter can easily stay on the target while focussing.



The ability for exact adjustment helps preventing changes in point of impact as well as tiring of the shooter‘s eyes which could be caused by parallax or unfocussed images. The design of the illumination control for illuminated reticles shows once more the Schmidt & Bender engineer‘s direct relation to practice and the effort to give the user real handling advantages.