Sectra Communications AB
Teknikringen 20
SE-583 30 Linköping

Sectra Communications AB


Sectra’s business area Secure Communication Systems has a core expertise in encryption technology. The company provides secure communication solutions, approved by the EU and NATO, for European government authorities, defence departments and other critical functions of society.


Sectra has developed and marketed security solutions since the company’s inception in 1978. Currently Sectra Communications employ nearly 60 associates in Sweden and the Netherlands. Its headquarters are located in Linkoping, Sweden and the company has its roots in research operations at Linköping University. As an international supplier the company has built up a solid core of expertise in the area of encryption technology.


Sectra Communications AB is a part of Sectra Group, which current operations include medical systems and secure communication systems. Sectra's products are used by customers in some 50 countries and sales are conducted directly by Sectra as well as through regional and local partners.

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