ShinMaywa Industries Ltd
1-1 Shinmeiwa-cho
Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo 665-8550

ShinMaywa Industries Ltd


ShinMaywa Industries Ltd offers a broad range of products, including industrial machinery systems, fluid and related equipment, parking systems, aircraft, and special purpose trucks. ShinMaywa is the prime manufacturer of the world's only amphibian aircraft capable of open-sea landing and takeoff.


Remarkable capabilities of its US-1A and US-2 STOL Search and Rescue Amphibians enable the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force to transport emergency patients from outlying islands and rescue victims of disasters at sea. ShinMaywa produces over 200 types of trucks, including Dump Trucks, Refuse Compactors, and Tailgate Lifters to Concrete Mixer and Petroleum Tanks.



Company's range of products includes: Industrial Machinery Systems: Automatic Wire Processors, Environmental Systems, Thin Film Coating Systems, Direct Drive Motors, etc. Fluid: Fluid Equipment (Submersible Pumps, Submersible Mixers, etc.) Parking Systems: Parking Equipment (Elevator Type Car Parking System, etc.) Aircraft: STOL Amphibians, Commercial Aircraft Components Special Purpose Truck: Construction-related vehicles, Environment-related vehicles, Transportation vehicles

Manufacturer of Armaments