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Sigma Aerospace
Hangar 7, Tamworth Airport
Tamworth N.S.W. 2340

Sigma Aerospace


Sigma Aerospace is an MRO based at Hangar 7 Tamworth New South Wales, Australia. The facility was acquired from QANTAS after more than thirty years operation as a successful regional airline maintenance base.


Sigma added a reputable airline instrument repair facility (previously owned by New England Instrument Company) to its operation, and has opened its second turbine engine overhaul shop at a new Brisbane facility to support its Honeywell Major Service Centre. This turbine overhaul capability is complemented by a nozzle overhaul shop servicing Honeywell and PWC100 series and other engine fuel nozzles together with APU nozzles, tips and holders. In addition, a comprehensive piston engine overhaul facility operates from the Tamworth base.


Today Sigma Aerospace supports airlines (regional through to international operators) as well as utility and special mission customers by way of its direct maintenance services (including engine, airframe, avionics and structural repairs) worldwide contract engineering services and inventory management.