Stemat Marine Services
P.O. Box 54511
3008 KA Rotterdam

Stemat Marine Services


Stemat is a service company for the maritime sector, based in Rotterdam. Stemat started with a couple of vessels in 1986 and has now expanded to a current fleet of more than 50 vessels. The considerable experience gained in this time allows Stemat to offer expert advice to a large number of companies specialising in a wide field ranging from maritime construction to the dredging and offshore industry.



Projects such as, oil- & gas-related activities, cable laying and protection work, renewable energy, outfalls, submersed tunnels, bridges etc., in the near shore and shallow water environment, are particularly suited to Stemat’s field of expertise and specialised equipment. All company's activities are supported from its facilities in Rotterdam. These facilities include offices, a large storage yard, warehousing, cranes and a quay. Operating within the Royal Volker Wessels Stevin group, which has 150 years of experience in the international marine sector, Stemat has developed into an international marine service company and has been operating since 1986.