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Stemmer Imaging Ltd
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Stemmer Imaging Ltd


STEMMER IMAGING is Europe's largest imaging technology provider with head office in Germany (Puchheim near Munich) and subsidiaries in many European countries.
Imaging or machine vision is used in many different application areas - such as industrial automation, medical imaging, security and traffic technology - as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance. Even at high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements, machine vision allows 100% monitoring and thus strengthens the competitive edge of those companies using it.


STEMMER IMAGING covers the entire range of components and services that required to produce an imaging solution. Company's suppliers are leading international manufacturers of imaging components. The company is able to offer:

  • A large selection of illumination systems for optimum object illumination,
  • Optics for all major cameras and applications,
  • A wide range of industrial cameras, such as line-scan, area scan, 3D and high speed cameras in both monochrome and colour as well as Contact Image Sensors (CIS),
  • Smart cameras,
  • Powerful image acquisition technology
  • Complete imaging systems as well as...
  • All necessary accessories (cables, connectors, power supply units, stands, protective housings, etc.).
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