Sumitomo Precision Products Co
1-10 Fuso-cho, Amagasaki
Hyogo 660-0891

Sumitomo Precision Products Co


For more than half a century, Sumitomo Precision Products Co (SPP) has been engaged in the design and manufacture of aerospace equipments as an experienced supplier of traditional propellers, landing gears, and heat exchangers.


SPP is the world´s largest suppliers of LNG vaporizers, which the company developed with advanced heat exchanger technologies.


Its low-pressure and high-pressure coolant pumps, as well as the coolant systems built around these pumps, are the choice of numerous customers for an increasing number of applications.


SPP´s reliable technologies contribute to the manufacture of LCDs, a field that has demonstrated remarkable innovations in recent years. The company has been particularly active in supplying equipment for wet processes in LCD manufacturing, such as the amorphous silicon and low-temperature polysilicon manufacturing processes. SPP supplies etching system, developer system and cleaner and the like for use in such processes.


As a leading supplier of silicon deep-etch systems and silicon oxide sacrificial layer etching systems indispensable for MEMS manufacturing, SPP offers a wide range of solutions to support the increasing demands of volume manufacturers.


SPP has been exploiting its MEMS technologies in the development of sensors and sensor systems. Silicon Sensing Systems, its subsidiary company, has become an industry leader in the field of MEMS sensors by successfully mass-producing MEMS gyros.

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