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Telegenix Inc
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Telegenix Inc


Telegenix Inc. a leader in Voice Communications Switching Systems, an ISO9001-2008 certified company established in 1964.


During this period of 40 plus years, Telegenix has completed more than 4000 contracts for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, NSA and other U.S. Government Agencies, in addition to multiple additional contracts furnishing Voice Communication Switching Systems and electronic control products to various non-governmental prime contractors, industrial and O.E.M. users.



Company's range of products includes:

  • PROCOM 1700 VCSS: Up to 8 circuits, comprised of radios and telephones.
  • PROCOM 1800 VCSS: Fixed and Mobile Small Tower Switch.
  • PROCOM 2000 VCSS: Fixed and Mobile Large Tower Switch with redundant and Hot Swap capabilities.
  • PROCOM 2200 VCSS: Fixed and Mobile Towers (Large or Small) System utilizes VOIP Technology.
  • PROCOM Series Operator Station (OpS): Provides the capability for the operator to access various telephone trunks, intercom, radio channels and other devices within the VCSS.
  • Digital Voice Recorders: Recording incoming/outgoing traffic.



The PROCOM series of systems are installed in the USAF AN/MSN-7 Tower Restoral Vehicle (TRV), the USACOM Joint Forces AN/MSQ-126 Forward Deployed Communications Center (FDCC), the USMC AN/ TSQ-216 Remote Landing Site Tower (RLST), the U.S. Army/U.S. Marine Corps AN/TPN-31 (ATNAVICS) Ground Controlled Approach Radar programs.



The PROCOM 2000 (P2K) series is currently installed in the USAF AN/TPN-19 and AN/MPN-14K Tactical Radar Approach Control Facilities, the U.S. Navy AN/TSQ-120 ATCT's and the U.S. Marine Corps. AN/TSQ-131 C2 Subsystem and Tactical Operations Centers. The PROCOM 2000 was also used as the main communications system during the Olympic Games in Athens Greece in 2005.


The PROCOM 1800 series systems have been installed in several FAA certified small towers throughout the United States. Aguadilla, PR, Spinks, ATCT Dallas TX, Space Coast ATCT, Titusville, FL, Ocala, ATCT, FL, and Chennault ATCT in LA, just to name a  few of our installations. The company currently has several systems in operation throughout the world, which have been deployed by the United Nations.

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