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Textron Weapon & Sensor Systems
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Textron Weapon & Sensor Systems


Textron Weapon & Sensor Systems’ (formerly Textron Defense Systems') precision weapons, ISR systems and advanced protection systems enable clients to fight and defend with confidence. No matter how demanding the mission or austere the environment, Textron delivers the intelligence-gathering capabilities and protection necessary for mission success.


Company's combat-proven smart weapon solutions bring precision and accuracy to the battlefield while reducing risks to our military personnel and civilians and minimizing collateral damage.


For decades, Textron has provided seismic, acoustic, imaging and communications networking expertise to solve difficult surveillance problems for a wide range of military and civilian customers. Low-power electronics with extraordinarily low-noise front ends, extremely efficient networking and sophisticated algorithms are the hallmarks of company's Unattended Ground Sensor systems.


Textron possesses decades of experience in materials research, design, development and manufacturing. In fact, the company designed and/or built all of the U.S. Air Force’s operational inter-continental ballistic missile reentry vehicles to date. Today, its team of highly specialized experts in aerospace materials provides robust material solutions that deliver protection to structures and re-entry vehicle airframes that protect personnel and high-value assets.

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