Thales ATM SpA
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20064 - Gorgonzola (MI)

Thales ATM SpA


Thales Italia develops and deploys air traffic security systems.In Italy, for both the Italian market and for export, Thales designs and supplies the whole range of the most modern systems for flight assistance, traditional and satellite radio navigation, surveillance and control of airport traffic on the ground (ASMGCS), airfield ground lighting (AGL), turnkey electronic airport systems and new generation ATC surveillance systems.


Thales Italia also supplies solutions for air transport: aircraft which are quieter, more efficient and more comfortable, designed to fly safely. The company designs, develops, integrates and sells avionics systems for Italian aeroplane and helicopter companies, airlines, and both helicopter and aeroplane operators, also taking care of maintenance support and after-sales business. Thales Italia participates in multinational flight simulation programs.


Competence centre - Italy is the Thales competence centre for radar solutions for airports and for air control systems, as regards both production and implementation. 

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