Thales Defence and Homeland Security
Binzstrasse 18, Postfach
CH-8045 Zürich

Thales Defence and Homeland Security


The Defence and Homeland Security department of Thales Suisse SA (TDHS) is one of the most important partners of the Swiss Armed Forces, where TDHS strong points are: trusted advisor, development and integration.


Thales Defence & Homeland Security is a centre of competence for Line-Of-Sight systems (LOS) and fibre-optical communications.



The company has proven leading-edge know-how in LOS system engineering and design. Its tactical communication solutions are designed to answer the growing demand for interoperability, connectivity and data throughput. Company's networking solutions are supported by a large range of secure radios, ranging from HF 3000 Skyf@st long range radio system, including best seller PR4G F@stnet VHF Combat Net Radio, JEM V/UHF multiband radio, and TRC 4000 SHF Line of Sight microwave radio relay.

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Managing Director: Bruno E. Giger

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