Thales Nederland BV
Zuidelijke Havenweg 40
7554 RR Hengelo

Thales Nederland BV


Thales Nederland is the Dutch branch of the international Thales Group. The company has about 2,000 employees working at branches in Hengelo (HQ), Huizen, Delft, Enschede and Eindhoven.



Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications, such as radar and communication systems. Moreover, Thales Nederland acts a local point of contact for the complete portfolio of the Thales Group.


  • Thales has the in-depth knowledge of platforms, weapons, sensors, communication, electronic warfare, navigation and other mission system components as well as the management engineering and integration skills needed to successfully define and realize complete mission system solutions. These knowledge and skills enable Thales to be the supplier and integrator of complete missions system solutions for surface ships and to act as the lead system integrator on behalf of its clients.


  • The Thales land defence products include the versatile Sotas and Squire.Sotas is the well-known family of vehicle communication systems of which over 25,000 systems are sold worldwide. The versatile Sotas technology is used in public transport as well. Squire is a portable surveillance radar which can hardly be detected during tracking. More than 300 systems have been sold to armies and marines worldwide.


  • Thales applies her expert knowledge also to the civil market, e.g. in the field of public transport and national security. Thales deliveres the electronic payment systems for the Dutch public transport organisation. 


  • In electro-optics and in cryogenics, Thales Nederland has many years of experience. Thales electro-optic sensors are used in both naval and ground-based applications. Thales offers a wide range of cryocoolers, including rotary, linear and pulse tube coolers for all infrared applications.


  • Thales Security offers integrated cyber security solutions for the protected use and storage of critical information. Together with the customer and any partners Thales Security realises comprehensive technica and organisational solutions, in every phase of the process.
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CEO of Thales Nederland B.V.: Gerben Edelijn

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Thales Group