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Thifan Industrie sarl


Since its setting up in 1992, Thifan Industrie kept on growing and improving its products to allow hunters to always obtain the best innovative technology. The "Balle Flèche Sauvestre" and the Balle "Flèche Interne Portée", protected by numerous patents, are considered as one of the best ballistic references.


This is because it constantly cares about its customers that Thifan Industrie focuses its policy on quality and ammunition performances. 

  • The “Balle Flèche Sauvestre” shotgun slug, for choked or unchoked shotguns, smooth or rifled barrels, includes the loaded cartridge case as well as the complete arrow bullet. Its ballistic assets come from the combination of a sub-caliber arrow with a very hard central nucleus surrounded by a mass of lead alloy and a launch sabot made of two ring-shaped half-shells.
  • The "FIP" centerfire rifle cartridge is made of a non ferrous alloy and is unleaded. Its characteristics give it excellent accuracy and high stopping power. The bullet body has circular grooves that reduce rubbing in the barrel as well as pressure loss and typical loss of initial velocity. The internal inox arrow is lodged in a cylindrical housing located at the centre of the bullet. It therefore generates high penetration and its hardness helps the destruction of hard parts of the target such as bones or branches. The emptied bullet body front part ensures maximum expansion thus allowing mushrooming to appear. The gradual expansion of the bullet body, also managed thanks to the arrow, does not generate any splinters or ricochets in the main part of hydrodynamic cavitation.



Since the beginning of 2010, the company has also been commercializing bullet heads in France and abroad.

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