Thomas Global Systems
Block W, 391 Park Road
Regents Park, NSW 2143

Thomas Global Systems


Thomas Global Systems (formerly Thomas Electronics of Australia Pty Ltd) is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative electronic systems solutions for aerospace and defense.  Since 1956, the company has built a global, industry-leading reputation for practical innovation and dependability, offering sophisticated systems and solutions that are relied on by customers around the world. Its expertise in flight deck avionics, display technologies and specialized mission systems is strengthened by company's dedicated service and worldwide support teams.


Thomas products and solutions are installed in the flight decks of major airlines and military aircraft operators, and in other military land, air and sea platforms globally. Company's products combine outstanding reliability and state-of-the-art technology, delivering customers unique functionality and assisting them to lower operational costs.


Company's balanced business model between aerospace and defense allows it to leverage technology from both areas – enabling it to bring the best solutions to each market segment with maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • Thomas is a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and support of CRT and LCD based flight deck displays. Company's displays operate on a large number of the world's commercial and military aircraft fleets. It is the world's leading vendor of support for CRT-based EFIS, delivering operators long-term solutions to keep aircraft flying efficiently and reliably. 


  • Thomas is a recognised leader in the development, integration and support of specialist electronic systems for demanding applications across military land, sea and airborne environments.  Drawing on its long experience in display and systems technology, the company has built a solid reputation in the industry as a result of its high performance solutions and strong investment in key research areas.  


  • Thomas offers training and simulator products and services for Aerospace and Defense markets. From system design and manufacture to simulator display support, the company offers complete solutions for client's individual needs.
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