Tokyo Keiki Rail Techno Inc
2-16-46, Minami-Kamata, Ohta-ku
Tokyo 144-8551

Tokyo Keiki Rail Techno Inc


Since 1954 when TOKYO KEIKI commenced sales of ultrasonic flaw detectors, the company has had a long history in design, manufacture, and marketing of various inspection and measurement instruments and systems for rail maintenance.


With the establishment of the Tokyo Keiki Rail Techno Inc. (formerly TOKIMEC Rail Techno Inc) subsidiary in 1997, the functions of design, manufacture, and marketing of such equipment have been augmented with rail maintenance inspection and measurement services and the company is now able to offer its customers a comprehensive range of equipment and services for railway track maintenance.


Company's major products include ultrasonic rail inspection cars, ultrasonic rail flaw detectors, switch profile gauges, portable rail section measuring devices, "DataDepot" system (non-contact, high speed communications system) and over the years the company has compiled a solid record of achievements in products supplied to all major railway companies in Japan, including the Shinkansen.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Directors and Executives

President: Masaaki KURAMOCHI

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Tokyo Keiki Inc