Transurb Technirail SA
Rue Ravenstein 60, B.18
B-1000 Brussels

Transurb Technirail SA


Transurb Technirail is a Belgian limited liability company of land transport-oriented services, pooling the experience and resources of its shareholders: The Belgian Railways Group of Companies (SNCB), The Brussels’ Mass Transport Company (STIB).


As a result, the company has exclusive access to the best qualified specialists, totaling more than 2.000 engineers and technicians.


Moreover, the company has access to the equipment, systems, hardware and software which allowing it to guarantee the best solutions for its customers.
Transurb Technirail offers tailor-made solutions in railway and urban transport, covering all the fields and activities.



Rated among the Top Transport Engineering Consulting Firms, Transurb Technirail has assigned to work on some of the most prestigious projects world-wide such as the Channel between France and Great Britain, the Light Rail Transit System of Manila, the High Speed Train between Paris and Köln, the design and build of a bus transport centre in Jamaica and many other large-scale transportation projects of international repute.

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