Tusas Engine Industries, Inc
Çevreyolu Bulvarı No:356
26003 Tepebaşı/Eskişehir

Tusas Engine Industries, Inc


TEI was founded in 1985 as a strategic model in context of the high technologies to be gained in the Turkish Defense Industries through the F16 aircraft and the F110 engine which is powering this aircraft; which were to enter the inventory of the Turkish Air Forces.



The objective of foundation is the establishment, operation and maintenance of a modern aircraft engine industry in Turkey, on R&D, design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification and modernization of aircraft engines and other gas turbine engines.



TEI has proven itself in aviation sector since its foundation years, with successfully conducted national and international projects towards military and commercial aircraft and helicopter engines. Is approaching its target of becoming a main aircraft engine manufacturer with firm steps by its constantly improved technological infrastructure, manufacturing, engine assembly, test, maintenance, repair, overhaul and design abilities, service capacity exceeding customer expectations and quality applications.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Parent/ Major Shareholders

50,5% of TEI’s shares belong to TUSAŞ-Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., 46,2% of shares belong to General Electric corporate, 3,3% of shares belong to Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and Turkish Aeronautical Association.