Van Halteren Metaal BV
The Kronkels 27
3752 LM Bunschoten

Van Halteren Metaal BV


Van Halteren Metaal focuses, since its inception in 1969, as an industrial supplier on customers in all markets. Van Halteren has modern machinery and a well equipped engineering workshop. Van Halteren Metaal offers an one-stop-shop solution for its partners and has the following core competencies: CNC milling (3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis simultaneous) CNC boring CNC turning Certified welding Total Quality Management Engineering Project Management Assembly Company's strength lies particularly in projects where a combination of high quality machining and certified welding is required. (Co-) engineering to final assembly, Van Halteren is the partner for customers from various sectors including: Offshore Semi-Conductor, Defense, Automotive, Wind Energy, Mining, Machine and equipment. Under the name Van Halteren Defence the company delivers quality products and services for customers from the international defense market, including governments and Original Equipment Manufacturers.



Van Halteren Defence offers the following product groups: Road Wheels Simulation & Training Land Systems For over 30 years Van Halteren Defence produces wheels for military tracked vehicles. The company focuses on both production and repair. It also works as a partner for OEMs in the development of powertrains for new vehicles. Since 1990 Van Halteren is producer and supplier of military simulation systems. Company's Howitzer Crew Trainers are used in many countries and realize significant added value for its customers, especially in bridging the 'gap' between theory and 'life firing'.

Manufacturer of Armaments