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Defense Products & Services Sectors: NBC decontamination systems, ground-basedNBC shelters
Companies & Organizations: VersarPPS
Description: 1L2 Shower Decontamination Unit

1L2 Shower Decontamination Unit

2L4 Decontamination Unit

2L7 Decontamination Unit

35-5 Rapid Deployment Shelter

35-7 Rapid Deployment Shelter

3L6 Mass Decontamination System

3L9 Mass Decontamination System

5/6 Coverall Suit

50-7 Rapid Deployment Shelter

50-9 Rapid Deployment Shelter

Air Forced Heater

Air Line Belt

Airline Couplings

Airline Fed Half Suit

Bladder 1000 for Waste And Contaminated Water

Bladder 6000 for Waste And Contaminated Water

Breather Box

Breathing Air Hose


Communication Unit


Dam for Waste And Contaminated Water

Diesel Generator

Dis-Reusable Half Suit

DPI CBRN First Response Shelter

DPI CBRN Shower System

DPI First Response/R Shower System

DPI-R Shower System

Dunlop Boots

Event Tent

Fireman SA Boots

Gas Tight Body Bag

GasGuardT2 Suit

Hose Waste Water PVC

Infection Control Unit

InstaDecon Decontamination Unit



JetGuard Suit

JetGuardPLUS Suit

LED Light

Long Skirted AirFed Hood

Maintenance & Servicing

Manipulator Gaiter Robot Manipulator Arms Protection

MD2 Pre Decon Kit

MD3 Post Decon Kit

NuPo Suit

OneSuit® Pro(EN) CBRN Version Suit

OneSuit® Pro(EN) ET Version Suit

OneSuit® Pro(EN) Industrial Version Suit

OneSuit® Pro(EN) Training Version Suit

Onguard Boots


Pop Up Shelter

Posting O Ring Bag

ProCombi 2 Suit

ProSafe 2+ Disposable Suit

Rear Entry Full Nuclear Suit

Scott Light Decontamination System

Scott Proflow SC160 Respirator

SprayGuard Suit

Standard Air Hood

Tingley HazProof Boots

Training & Demonstrations Services

Twin Outlet Air Panel

Utility Tent

Waste Water Pump

Water Heater

WindScale 2 Suit